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Club News, Results & Whats On

Club News

Annual Fees for July, 2017.

Members Annual Fees for the 2017-2018 year are due by the end of July, 2017.

Membership Fees $290.00 (excludes green fees)
Gold Membership $700.00 ( includes green fees)
Juniors $50.00

Abnormal Ground conditions

What to do when it's wet.

Relief from abnormal ground conditions does not apply to a ball in a water hazard or lateral water hazard.
If the ball is found in abnormal ground conditions or the player's normal stance is in abnormal ground conditions the ball may be lifted, cleaned and dropped within one club length of the nearest point of relif without penalty.
The nearest point of relief may be an arc until relief is found. If the ball was in the rough and the nearest relief is on the fairway no preferred lies can be taken after the ball is dropped.
If the ball is not found, having been struck towards abnormal ground conditions and it is virtually certain that the ball is in the abnormal ground conditions, the player may drop a substitute ball where the first ball crossed the outermost limits of the abnormal ground conditions without penalty. The ball should be dropped within one club length of the point where the ball crossed the abnormal ground conditions.

Use of cart paths


Dale and our hard-working volunteers have done a great job installing new and extending old cart paths around the course.
Please use these paths whenever possible and DON'T take shortcuts by crossing over the edge of the path before it ends.


29TH & 30TH JULY, 2017

The Mixed Foursomes is one of our major Championships and luckily we had two fine days for this event on Saturday and Sunday. The good weather drew a good crowd and we had 30 players, which meant 15 teams of two.
Winning the day on Saturday with a nett score of 68 was the team of Caryl Baker-Turley and Ron Gann. They finished 2 shots ahead of Vicki and Ross Crewdson and Melanie and Peter Paterson.
Nearest the pins went to Vicki Crewdson on the 5th; Keith Haslam on the 14thand Bob Bensley on the 16th.
Drive and Chip on the 13th was all-in and won by the team of Melanie and Peter Paterson and the Ladies’ long drive at the 15th went to Robyn Whittaker.
Stella and Warren Kelly; Bev Campbell/Stephen Lloyd; Robyn Whittaker/Ian Brown Di and Ken Hill; Jude and Keith Haslam won balls in the ball rundown.
Winning the Sunday mixed comp were Lavon Byrnes/ Phil Bell with a nett 70, just .5 ahead of Kaye and Laurie Vincent and Irene Deweerdt/John Whitford. Nigel and Blake Watler won the men’s comp with a nett 70.
Keith Haslam won nearest to the pin on the Badgee Park 5th; John Whitford on the Butch Harding 7th; Judy Bensley on the REAL Property Agents’ 14th and Robyn Whittaker on the Laurie Vincent Painting 16th.
Drive and Chip at the 14th was all-in and won by Robyn Whittaker/Ian Brown and the Sussex Bottler long drive at the 15th was taken out by Blake Watler.
Ball rundown winners were Bev Campbell/Stephen Lloyd 74.5; Carole Kemp/Geoff Fountain 74.5; Robyn Whittaker/Ian Brown 75 and Judy and Bob Bensley 76.
Winning the overall Championship with a fine combined total of 172 off the stick was the pair of Robyn Whittaker and Ian Brown. Nett winners with 146 were Irene Deweerdt/ John Whitford over Caryl Baker-Turley/Ron Gann on a countback. That’s 2 ties in the same week for CBT…and she finished second both times!
A special mention to Carole Kemp and Geoff Fountain who managed an eagle 3 on the par 5 2nd hole. We gave both players a badge although it was 2 shots for Carole and just one for Geoff and it’s the first time I can remember writing about an eagle on this hole. Well done!
Next week’s event is the August Monthly Medal.
Stephen Lloyd


22ND - 28TH JULY

Ross Baker has been taking advantage of his decision to pay as a gold member and playing a bit more frequently and his efforts have paid off! Ross topped the field in this week’s Bottler Bash with a fine 25 point round. It’s also very pleasing to see Ross introducing some others to our course.
Steve Ridley has broken something of a drought for the Badgee Burglars. This group often dominate Bottler Bash prizes, but it’s been a while between drinks for these boys. Maybe CBT has been making their life too much fun down at the park. Paul is back now, so I’m sure they’ll be back to their ways soon enough. Steve’s 22 point round scored him a voucher from Cranky Pete.
Glenn and Ross Ferrier both had good rounds on Friday, but Glenn was able to outpoint his sibling 22 points to 20 to grab the next voucher on offer from the Sussex Inlet Bottler. Ross was philosophical about his loss, telling me that at least he didn’t lose a shot off his handicap like his younger brother.
Steve Meredith has been having a few hits with the Friday Skinners and he managed to accumulate 21 points to win the next Cranky Pete prize. Steve told me it should have been 22, but he picked up on the 1st as the skin had been decided. Gotta watch what you’re doing when you play 2 games at once!
Several players finished on 20 points, but it was John Whitford who had the best last 6 holes to take out the countback. John’s 15 point finish was just enough to pip Trevor Miller and Ross Ferrier.
Stephen Lloyd



Another picture perfect winters day for the second round of the 2017 Mixed Foursomes Championship over 36 holes which had a field of 12 couples competing for the silver ware. Thanks to our starters in Geoff Fountain and John Tudor and our card checkers in Phil Carter , Lavon Byrnes and Heather McLure. And what a finish with a tied result on a scratch score of 174 resulting in the addition of an extra three holes having to be played to determine this years champions. This resulted in a win for the paring of Geoff Fountain and Carole Kemp over Peter Paterson and Caryl Baker-Turley. There is a great friendly rivalry between these 4 players and each year they seem to fight it out for the honours and our congratulations to them for putting on a great spectacle. They were followed by Mavis Blue and partner John Whitford in 3rd place on 188 with Dianne and Ken Hill in 4th place on 190. Our nett winners on a score of 139 were Bob and Judy Bensley ahead of Ken and Dianne Hill on 142. A 9 hole foursomes event was also conducted in conjuction with the Championship and this saw a field of 38 members tackle the back 9 holes of the course. Here the winners were Jim Horvath and partner Gordon Spence with Ross Ferrier and Keith Hanley as runners up. The Ball rundown included Brian Harbrow and Phil Carter, Ross Baker and Irene DeWeerdt, Terry Strong and Jackie Hussey, John Lewis and Trevor Miller, Derek Woodward and Les Clark and Craig Meyers and Phil Allotta. The nearest the pin winners were Kaye and Laurie Vincent on the 4th, Carole Kemp and Geoff Fountain on the 5th , Mavis Blue and John Whitford on the 7th and 14th, Brian Harbrow and Phil Carter on the 13th and Ken and Dianne Hill on the 16th The drive nearest Ralph's flag on the 9th went to Laurie Vincent. Our lucky raffle prize winners were Gordon Spence, Stella Kelly, Gary Forrester, Judy Clay, Bev Campbell(2) , John Tudor and Carol Kemp
Till next time- keep swinging.
The Mushroom.




Another glorious day to be out on the golf course - we have to keep asking ourselves what season is it, although the occasional cool wind does confirm
it's still winter. The course is looking absolutely perfect. The wettest
areas are drying out, the rest of the course is perfect for those of us who
like to get a bit of run on our shots (and isn't that everyone?). The
greens are not too bad, considering it has been dry and windy. Well done to
the Greenkeeping crew, and of course our volunteers - your doing a great
job, and we appreciate it every time we are out enjoying the course.

We played a Par event, with a 3BBB in conjunction (Capt Kaysie throws these
in to alleviate the discomfort of a Par game - it is unforgiving - so much
easier when you share the pain). Results as follows -

Winner - Del Sullivan +1; Runner up - Carole Kemp, square - on a countback.

Nearest the Pins - (4th) C. Kemp; (5th) S. Kelly; (7th) C. Kemp; (13th) C.
Baker-Turley; (14th) J. Clay; (16th) J. Douglass.

Elva's Flag - J. Douglass; Isa's Hot Shot - J. Clay.

Ball Run down - C. Baker-Turley, square; I. DeWeerdt -2 c/b J. Clay -2; K.
Vincent -3; D. Hill -4.

Winning 3BBB team - Carole Kemp, Caryl Baker-Turley and Stella Kelly +8.

Thanks to Lavon and Ann Finlay for doing the Starting, and on Cards, Kaye
and Robyn were the busy bees.

It was lovely to have our globetrotter (Irene) back home after seeing a
little bit more of the planet (surely she has seen it all by now?) - she is
probably the only one who can tell it's winter after returning from the
northern hemisphere's summer. Welcome home Irene.

We have an important Medley coming up on 9 August - The Marilyn Ringk
Memorial Event, where we celebrate a wonderful golfer and a great lady, in
the best way possible - play golf, of course. In an attempt to attract
more men to this event we are bribing them with the promise of a delicious
2 course meal (BBQ and sweets) - shotgun start, partners are drawn out of a
hat, and we would love to have enough men to go around all our women
golfers - so come on guys put your name down for this fun day.

Our Mixed Foursomes Championship was on this weekend. Congratulations to
everyone who stayed the distance over two days - even bigger congratulations to our
Champs: Scratch Winners - Robyn Whittaker and Ian Brown, and Nett Winners, Irene De Weerdt
and John Whitford. Thanks to Capt Pato for lunch and Mel for the Mars Bar
Slice - for many of us it was only the thought of that slice that kept us going - yum!

The Happy Hacker.