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Club News

Annual Fees for July, 2017.

Members Annual Fees for the 2017-2018 year are due by the end of July, 2017.

Membership Fees $290.00 (excludes green fees)
Gold Membership $700.00 ( includes green fees)
Juniors $50.00

Abnormal Ground conditions

What to do when it's wet.

Relief from abnormal ground conditions does not apply to a ball in a water hazard or lateral water hazard.
If the ball is found in abnormal ground conditions or the player's normal stance is in abnormal ground conditions the ball may be lifted, cleaned and dropped within one club length of the nearest point of relif without penalty.
The nearest point of relief may be an arc until relief is found. If the ball was in the rough and the nearest relief is on the fairway no preferred lies can be taken after the ball is dropped.
If the ball is not found, having been struck towards abnormal ground conditions and it is virtually certain that the ball is in the abnormal ground conditions, the player may drop a substitute ball where the first ball crossed the outermost limits of the abnormal ground conditions without penalty. The ball should be dropped within one club length of the point where the ball crossed the abnormal ground conditions.

Use of cart paths


Dale and our hard-working volunteers have done a great job installing new and extending old cart paths around the course.
Please use these paths whenever possible and DON'T take shortcuts by crossing over the edge of the path before it ends.





30th March -16th March

Mal Crealy first, daylight second.
That was the story in this week’s Bottler Bash after Mal’s 28 point round had him 4 points clear of the field. We have had many high score in this comp recently, but it was only Mal who posted a big one to get the first Bottler voucher on offer from our generous sponsor, Peter Looby at the Sussex Bottler.
Playing in the very last group in the comp, Gordon Spence came in second place with his 24 point effort. In recent weeks this wouldn’t have even cracked the countback, but such are the vagaries of golf.
Glenn McKay had a round early in the week with his wife Wendy and he kept his head down well to compile 23 points and be the first winner in a countback with that score. Glenn had another hit on Friday with the 2 Wendies but he couldn’t repeat his earlier effort.
Dave Ball and I were comparing limps on Friday morning, and whilst mine precluded me from having a game, Dave played through the pain and scored 23 points to grab the next voucher on offer. Dave is off for his op soon and all of us hope that it goes really well, mainly because he does so much work around here and we will struggle to take up the slack in his absence.
In an unusual turn of events it wasn’t one of the many Badgee Burglars who netted the final voucher on a countback, but Col Lucas instead. I suppose this is some compensation for Col after his Eels still got smacked, even with JH playing for them again.
A reminder about the Bottler Ambrose to be held next Friday, March 23rd. As this game is played as a shotgun Ambrose the course will be closed to other players until about 2pm. It’s a great day out and we still have vacancies and carts available. Members and visitors welcome with many great prizes on offer.
Stephen Lloyd


20th February

A very welcome dump of rain overnight but not enough to see any worthwhile run-off into the dams on the course which are at the lowest levels I have ever seen. Usually with the skies looking like they could unleash a rain event the phone normally rings off the hook with cancellations but to the credit of the members there were very few drop outs today and this saw a good field of 72 players hit the back 9 holes of the course. Maybe the the turnout was because we played a fun partner event in an American Foursomes which all members seemed to enjoy. Thanks to our starters in Heather McLure and Alan Neems and to our event co-ordinators in Geoff Fountain and John Tudor. There were some really hot scores recorded today but none better than from the pairing of the bearded warriors in Keith Hanley and Bill Crothers who finished with a great net 27. Beaten into second place by a mere ½ point were the pairing of Trevor Miller and Vicki Crewdson. Third place getters were the husband and wife pairing of Ray and Denise Baxter with a net score of 29. Then followed John Whitford and partner Ron Hilditch and John Lewis and Partner James Coburn on a net score of 29.5 and Dianne and Ken Hill with 30. The ball run down finished at a net 32.5 on a count back. The drive nearest the Kiwi Flag on the 12th went to Dianne Hill. The nearest the pin on the drive and pitch for the par 4, 13th went to Colleen Durand and Joe Farrugia for the Man/Lady combination and Keith Hanley and Bill Crothers for the Man/Man combination. The nearest the pin on the par 3, 14th went to Carol Hancock and Bev Campbell for the Lady/Lady combination, Denise and Ray Baxter for the Man/Lady combination and Glenn Ferrier and Steve Newlan for the Man/Man combination. The crows nest was not won. The nearest the pin on the 16th was won by Lavon Byrnes and Caryl Baker-Turley for the Lady/Lady combination, Vicki Crewdson and Trevor Miller for the Man/Lady combination and Barry Frazer and Gordon Spence for the Man/Man combination.
Laurie Vincent took out the prize for his drive on the final hole which was closest to Ralph's Flag. The wild card winners were Carol Hancock, Bev Campbell, Phil Allotta and David Lea. Our lucky raffle prize winners were John Lewis, Bev Campbell, Wayne Barry, Keith Haslam, Bill Crothers, John Splitt, Ross Ferrier, Mal Crealy and Craig Meyers. Just a reminder to members to please phone the club if you are unable to attend on the day. Its not only a matter of courtesy but it makes the starters role a whole lot easier if they are able to re adjust the field in a timely manner. Just the one birthday this week – happy birthday to John Carrett. Finally a big thank you to all our ball sponsors- Reg and Jean Burk, Sandy Weymark, Keith Haslam, Mavis Blue, Ken Hill, David Lea, Geoff Fountain, The Ballantyne Family, Mick McCaffery, John Tudor and Ross Ferrier.
Till next time - keep swinging.
The Mushroom.


We played our first Medal Round for 2018 in conjunction with the Silver
Salver Trophy, and most scores reflected the extra pressure a medal round
puts us under - just having to count your putts suddenly means you three-putt
more holes than normal - except the clever people of course. The
course has lost a little bit of run following recent wet weather, but not
the greens - they seem to be as fast as ever.

Winner of the Silver Salver (day's event) - Robyn Whittaker 73 (nett); Runner up - Judy
Haslam 75.

Medal Winners - Div 1 - R. Whittaker 73; Div 2 - J. Haslam 75; Div 3 - J.
Natt 79.

Best Scratch Score - R. Whittaker - 86 - a great score Robyn, you were
definitely in form and on target. My proposal is that we get Robyn to
sponsor this hole and just cut out the middleperson!

Nearest the Pins - (4th) R. Whittaker; (7th) R. Whittaker; (14th) R.
Whittaker; (16th) C. Baker-Turley (5th, and 13th weren't won).

Elva's Flag - C. Kemp; Isa's Hot Shot - J. Clay.

Longest Drive - Div 1 - W. McKay; Div 2 - J. Neilsen; Div 3 - J. Natt

Putting - C. Baker-Turley and I. DeWeerdt - 31 putts.

Ball Run down - J. Natt 79; I. DeWeerdt 81 c/b C. Kemp 81; S. Kelly 82; J.
Neilsen 84; C. Baker-Turley 85 c/b.

Vets winners - 1st R. Whittaker; 2nd J. Haslam; 3rd J. Natt; 4th I.

Filthy's ball - Margaret.

Thanks to our Starters, Jan and Ann Trudgett and on Cards, Lavon and Stella.
Also big thank you to Ann Finlay and Daphne for our lunch - the traditional
(medal round) egg and bacon roll - there has to be some reward to keep us
turning up on Medal days!

Our Charity Day is shaping up to be a big prize event - we have had such a
good response from our local businesses, both the prizes for golf and the
raffle table are looking good - thanks everyone. I know that our members
will be doing their best to come up with something to tempt you to open your
wallets/purses and buy something sweet or savoury to take home and enjoy
after the game - or maybe plant in your garden and enjoy over and over
again. All we need is now is you!

The Happy Hacker.