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Club News

Annual Fees for July, 2017.

Members Annual Fees for the 2017-2018 year are due by the end of July, 2017.

Membership Fees $290.00 (excludes green fees)
Gold Membership $700.00 ( includes green fees)
Juniors $50.00

Abnormal Ground conditions

What to do when it's wet.

Relief from abnormal ground conditions does not apply to a ball in a water hazard or lateral water hazard.
If the ball is found in abnormal ground conditions or the player's normal stance is in abnormal ground conditions the ball may be lifted, cleaned and dropped within one club length of the nearest point of relif without penalty.
The nearest point of relief may be an arc until relief is found. If the ball was in the rough and the nearest relief is on the fairway no preferred lies can be taken after the ball is dropped.
If the ball is not found, having been struck towards abnormal ground conditions and it is virtually certain that the ball is in the abnormal ground conditions, the player may drop a substitute ball where the first ball crossed the outermost limits of the abnormal ground conditions without penalty. The ball should be dropped within one club length of the point where the ball crossed the abnormal ground conditions.

Use of cart paths


Dale and our hard-working volunteers have done a great job installing new and extending old cart paths around the course.
Please use these paths whenever possible and DON'T take shortcuts by crossing over the edge of the path before it ends.



December Monthly Medal at Sussex Inlet Golf Club
A very pleasant day greeted the field of 44 players who teed off on Sunday for the three Monthly Medals on offer at Sussex Inlet Golf Club. The small amount of rain that had fallen was much appreciated and whoever organized that thanks, but we need some more PLEASE!
I was lucky enough to win the Division 1 Medal with a nett 67, just 1 shot clear of Andrew McVeigh on 68. As a very good compensation, Moose did win the November Medal in his play-off with Steve Ridley.
The Division 2 Medal ended in a tie between Alan Read and Peter Harding, both on nett 70s. They will play-off for the Medal next month, but it was Alan who took home the major voucher on a countback.
Dave Kirkwood had the round of the day to win the Division 3 Medal with a nett 63. Dave told me a pep talk I’d given him at the halfway break did the trick. Runner-up in this division was Ross Ferrier with a nett 65.
Nobody won the birdie vouchers on the 1st and 3rd generously sponsored each week by life member Fred Paine.
Nearest the pins went to Nigel Watler on the Badgee Park sponsored 5th, Gary Thompson on the Butch Harding sponsored 7th , no-one on the NRMA 9th, Steve Lockhart on the REAL Property Agents sponsored 14th and Bill Crothers on the Laurie Vincent Painting sponsored 16th. The crows-nest on the 16th hole sponsored by Mark Watler was not won.
Drive and Chip winners on the 13th were Wayne Temporali in the Geoff Fountain sponsored Division 1; Alan Read in the Two Dougs sponsored Division 2 and Dave Kirkwood in the Two Dougs sponsored Division 3.
Long drives at the 15th went to Nigel Watler in the Sussex Inlet Bottler Store sponsored Division 1, Brendan Timmins in the Laguna Lodge sponsored Division 2 and to John O’Connor in the President and Captain sponsored Division 3.
Luke Elliott’s Lamppost on the 18th was not won.
The ball rundown went to Laurie Vincent 69; Phil Bell 69; Nigel Watler 69; Peter Paterson 71; Gordon Spence 71; Steve Ridley 71; Paul Russell 71; Bob Bensley 71; Ron Gann 72; Bill Crothers 73; Wayne Temporali 73 and Ian Brown 73.
Many thanks to Daphne and Kaye for the tasty sausages they cooked up for our lunches at the end of the game.
We held or Presentation Night on Saturday night at the Bowlo and it was a great success. These nights take a lot of work and I would like to thank Kaye, Laurie and Irene who set up the venue, Ron who took the pictures and Linda for all the work in getting things ready for the night. Also, thanks to all the members and their spouses who joined us in our celebrations and enjoyed the entertainment on offer.
Next week’s game is a 2 man stableford multiplier, so I hope to see you on the tee.

Stephen Lloyd

Stephen Lloyd was the winner in the Division 1Monthly Medal at Sussex Inlet Golf Club on Sunday with a nett 67.



Bottler Bash
Sponsored by Sussex Inlet Bottler
25th November – 1st December
It was Ladies’ Day on Friday as 2 of the Lady Skinners topped the field in this week’s Bottler Bash. Kaye Vincent and Irene Deweerdt both had 25 points in this comp and they both picked up 4 skins (the Captain has forbidden me to make any jokes about that!) to boost their coffers as well. I think Irene may have to declare some of her winnings to the ATO, such is the extent of her bounties of late.
In a tight run for the next voucher from Cranky Pete there were 4 players tied on 24 points. It was Col Lucas’ birthday on Friday and he had 24 points, but he will have to be content to have Jarrod Haynes back at Parramatta next year because he was the one to miss out on a countback.
The first 24 pointer to grab a prize was Glenn McKay. Glenn was able to beat his lovely wife Wendy in a round early in the week, so he will have household crowing rights for a change.
Next in line with 24 points was Glenn Ferrier. This will give Glenn his own version of crowing rights, over his brother Ross, who will now find his younger sibling giving him 2 shots in the Bottler Bash. Jim Horvath was playing in the same group as Glenn and he was the lucky one to pick up the last voucher on offer this week.
Stephen Lloyd



A great turnout of 75 members in attendance for the running of the November Monthly medal event over the back 9 holes of the course. The game was conducted under blue skies and plenty of sun with the course looking a picture after the rain of last week. A special day for some of our lucky members who in the past 12 months were able to win a monthly medal as today also saw them competing against each other to claim the Medal of Medal prizes in each of the three grades. Our thanks to our starters in Judy Clay, Phil Carter and Dianne Hill and to our card checkers in Ross Ferrier and Lavon Byrnes. In today's Ladies event our monthly medal winner was Dianne Hill with a net score of 34. She just pipped both Irene DeWeerdt and Judy Haslam who each had a net score
of 35 with the count back awarding the runners up prize to Irene. The ball run down included Ann Finlay and Lavon Byrnes on 36, Stella Kelly and Judy Clay on 37 and Colleen Durand and Vicki Crewdson with 38. In the Men's Div 1 event the monthly medal winner was Steve Newlan with a great 5 under par round of 29. The runner up was Gordon Spence with a net 32. The ball run down included Ken Hill on 33, Bob Bensley on 34, Ron Hilditch on 35 and Laurie Vincent and Alan Neems on 36. The Men's Div 2 monthly medal winner was Jock Campbell who had an incredible 6 under par round of 28. John Smith, Barry Frazer and Reg Gunning finished tied in second place with a net score of 34 however the count back awarded the runners up prize to Barry. The ball run down included Dave Lee, Brian Harbrow, Bill McLure and Bob Rich on 35 and Trevor Miller on 36. The nearest the pin on the Weymark Family sponsored 13th for the Men was won by Phil Allotta and for the Ladies (sponsor Mavis Blue) was won by Vicki Crewdson. The nearest the pin on the par 3, 14th was won by Reg Burk for the Men (sponsor Geoff Fountain) and Ann Finlay for the Ladies (sponsor Ken Hill). The crows nest was not won. The nearest the pin on the Ballantyne Family sponsored 16th for the ladies went to Joyce Douglass and for the Men (sponsor Mick McCaffery) was won by John Carrett. Graeme Dobell was the lucky winner of the drive nearest Ralph's Flag on the last. The wild card winners were John Tudor, Heather McLure and Ross Ferrier.
The major prizes today went to the Medal of Medal winners and they were Irene DeWeerdt for the Ladies, Steve Newlan in the Men's Div 1 event and Bob Rich in the Men's Div 2 event. Congratulations to Irene, Steve and Bob on their great wins. Our lucky raffle prize winners were Wayne Barry, Keith Haslam(2), Bev Campbell, Bruno Barrett(2), Dave Ball, Laurie Vincent and Gary Thompson.
Till next time- keep swinging.
The Mushroom.



We played our last 18 hole game for the year, and I think we breathed a collective sigh of relief and thought thank goodness - it was very hot out there. In
a later group, I struggled on the final 9 and carts seemed to be a sensible
alternative to trudging around in that heat.

Winner of the 3 Person Ambrose Event - Robyn Whittaker, Caryl Baker-Turley
and Ann Trudgett, 65.2pts; Runners up - Sue Gallagher, Joyce Hitchen and
Janice Neilsen, 67.

Nearest the Pins - (4th) C. Baker-Turley; (7th) J. Neilsen; (13th) S.
Kelly; (14th) K. Vincent; (16th) J. Bensley.

Elva's Flag - V. Crewdson; Isa's Hot Shot - C. Kemp.

Ball Run down - J. Clay, C. Durand and P. Neems; W. McKay and W. Larcombe.

Filthy's Ball - Irene, Carole and Vicki - we worked very hard for this honour -
hit an awful lot of shots - and a lot of awful shots as well.

Thanks to Kaye and Stella for Starting and on Cards, Ann and Robyn.

Also a big thankyou to Pat Neems who brought in a whole heap of cherries for
us to enjoy after the game. They were delicious - must mean Christmas is
not that far away.

I'd like to take the opportunity to say hi to Pam Forbes, now a
resident of Ulladulla, but formerly of Sussex, who is an avid reader of this
column. Hopefully I will get to say hi in person at the Christmas luncheon
today Pam, but if not "HI" - and Merry Christmas - bit early I know, but
better early than never - to not only Pam, but Anne Lawler and Chris Simpson
also - who are at opposite ends of the country, but still in our thoughts.

We had our Club presentation this weekend and I think everyone had a good
time - the Club was decked out as usual with great style - under the direction
of Kaye - the balloon art was especially impressive - thanks to everyone
involved (I know Irene, Laurie and Geoff, but there were probably others).

Congratulations to all the winners and to Linda and the hardworking
Directors for another successful year. It was recently pointed out
that if we all bought a drink every time we play golf how much the Club
would benefit - I am as guilty of this as the next person I am afraid, but
have decided to leave my water bottle at home and buy it from the Club from
now on. What are you prepared to do to enjoy the benefits of a local
golf course whenever you want - think of the petrol money you save
not having to drive out of town for a game of golf.

The Happy Hacker.