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Club News

Annual Fees for July, 2018.

Members Annual Fees for the 2018-2019 year are due by the end of July, 2018.

Membership Fees $290.00 (excludes green fees)
Gold Membership $700.00 ( includes green fees)
Juniors $50.00

Abnormal Ground conditions

What to do when it's wet.

Relief from abnormal ground conditions does not apply to a ball in a water hazard or lateral water hazard.
If the ball is found in abnormal ground conditions or the player's normal stance is in abnormal ground conditions the ball may be lifted, cleaned and dropped within one club length of the nearest point of relif without penalty.
The nearest point of relief may be an arc until relief is found. If the ball was in the rough and the nearest relief is on the fairway no preferred lies can be taken after the ball is dropped.
If the ball is not found, having been struck towards abnormal ground conditions and it is virtually certain that the ball is in the abnormal ground conditions, the player may drop a substitute ball where the first ball crossed the outermost limits of the abnormal ground conditions without penalty. The ball should be dropped within one club length of the point where the ball crossed the abnormal ground conditions.

Use of cart paths


Dale and our hard-working volunteers have done a great job installing new and extending old cart paths around the course.
Please use these paths whenever possible and DON'T take shortcuts by crossing over the edge of the path before it ends.



9th - 15th February

David Lea 26
Glenn McKay 26
Keith Snell 25
David Lea 25
Phil Allotta 25


19th February 1-2-3 Countdown

Best team score of the day was shared by 2 teams each posting a total of 47
points. However on a count back the winners vouchers went to the foursome of
Judy and Keith Haslam , Derek Woodward and David Lea. Our runners up were the
team of Arthur Law, Brian Harbrow, Ian Scott and Trevor Miller. A tie for third
place on 45 points were the teams of Mal Crealy, James Coburn, Jim Horvath and
Ron McLean and the team of Ron and Judy Clay, Wayne Barry and John Critcher.
Then on 44 points were the grouping of Geoff Fountain, Ron and Heather Crotty
and Bev Campbell. The drives closest to
the flags went to Karen Westerberg on the 12th and Heather Crotty on
the last. The nearest the pin on the drive and pitch par 4, 13th was
won by Steve Newlan (Div 1) and Don Crotty (Div 2). The nearest the pin on the
par 3, 14th went to Carole Kemp for the Ladies and Laurie Vincent (
Div 1) and John Lewis ( Div 2). The crows nest was not won. The nearest the pin
on the drive and pitch 16th was won by Lavon Byrnes for the Ladies
with a birdie, Steve Newlan (Div 1) and Wayne Barry (Div 2) . And the final
prizes for the drive and pitch on the 18th went to Caryl
Baker-Turley for the Ladies, Glenn
Ferrier (Div 1) and Ian Scott (Div 2).


13th February Single Stableford


Kaye Vincent 40 pts (some like it cool); Runner up - Robyn Whittaker - 38
Nearest the Pins - (4th) W. McKay; (5th) K. Vincent; (7th) D. Sullivan; (14th)R.

Whittaker; (16th) W. Larkham.
Elva's Flag - D. Sullivan; Isa's Hot Shot - C. Durand.
Ball Run down - D. Sullivan 34 c/b J. Haslam 34; L. Byrnes 33; M. Elder 30 c/b J.

Neilsen 30.
Filthy's Ball - Judy.
Summer Comp Winner - Del Sullivan; Runners up -

(jointly) Caryl Baker-Turley and Lavon Byrnes.