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Club News

Annual Fees for July, 2017.

Members Annual Fees for the 2017-2018 year are due by the end of July, 2017.

Membership Fees $290.00 (excludes green fees)
Gold Membership $700.00 ( includes green fees)
Juniors $50.00

Abnormal Ground conditions

What to do when it's wet.

Relief from abnormal ground conditions does not apply to a ball in a water hazard or lateral water hazard.
If the ball is found in abnormal ground conditions or the player's normal stance is in abnormal ground conditions the ball may be lifted, cleaned and dropped within one club length of the nearest point of relif without penalty.
The nearest point of relief may be an arc until relief is found. If the ball was in the rough and the nearest relief is on the fairway no preferred lies can be taken after the ball is dropped.
If the ball is not found, having been struck towards abnormal ground conditions and it is virtually certain that the ball is in the abnormal ground conditions, the player may drop a substitute ball where the first ball crossed the outermost limits of the abnormal ground conditions without penalty. The ball should be dropped within one club length of the point where the ball crossed the abnormal ground conditions.

Use of cart paths


Dale and our hard-working volunteers have done a great job installing new and extending old cart paths around the course.
Please use these paths whenever possible and DON'T take shortcuts by crossing over the edge of the path before it ends.

Club Championship Round 2

15th October

Club Championships round 2 at Sussex Inlet Golf Club
A very good field of 55 players teed off in Round 2 of the Club Championships at Sussex Inlet Golf Club on Sunday. The course is still in great condition despite some moron who decided that they had to drive their 4WD on our second hole. We have some security cameras on the way and once we identify the fools they will be dealt with accordingly.
Winning the Division 1 section on the day was John Tudor with a nett 67, just one ahead of Phil Bell on nett 68. The best scratch score again belonged to Luke Elliott who wasn’t happy with his 77, but it sees him several shots ahead of old rival Geoff Fountain.
Division 2 was well won by Brett Westley with a very good nett 64. That was 2 shots ahead of Garry Miskell who carded a 66 nett.
In Division 3 Rocky Stone had the best score of the day, a fabulous nett 62. Rocky excitedly told me about his 40 on the front 9, his best ever effort; and while his back 9 wasn’t quite as good he still had a grin at day’s end and picked up the major voucher in this division. Peter Reilly had a good day to run second, albeit 7 shots behind Rocky with a nett 69.
Birdies on the 1st and 3rd generously sponsored each week by Life Member and all-round great guy Fred Paine, were not won.
Nearest the pins went to Geoff Fountain on the Badgee Park sponsored 5th, Peter Paterson was very close on the Butch Harding sponsored 7th, Brian Willcockson on the NRMA 9th, Glenn McKay on the REAL Property Agents sponsored 14th and Luke Elliott on the Laurie Vincent Painting sponsored 16th. The crows-nest on the 16th hole sponsored by Mark Watler was not won. This brought a wry cheer from our generous sponsor who didn’t have one of his better rounds. Massaging his handicap again?
Drive and Chip on the 13th was won by Glenn Turvey in the Geoff Fountain sponsored division 1; Bob Bensley in the Two Dougs sponsored division 2 and no-one in the Two Dougs sponsored division 3.
Long drives at the 15th went to Geoff Fountain in the Sussex Inlet Bottler Liquor Store sponsored division 1; John Naismith in the Laguna Lodge sponsored division 2 and to Ross Baker in the President and Captain sponsored division 3. Ross did a dance upon receiving his ball, claiming it was his only good shot all day!
Luke’s Lamppost didn’t go off, so that’s another into the pot for the future.
Bruno Barrett has been weakened so much by his weight loss in recent times that he had a swing and a miss at the 13th and contributed a $1 to Dale’s wishing well.
Winners in the ball rundown were Ross Crewdson 66; Reg Burk 67; Doug Holdsworth 67; Steve Ridley 68; Geoff Fountain 68; Nigel Watler 69; Bob Bensley 69; Doug Booth 69, Stephen Lloyd 69; Peter Paterson 70; Gordon Spence 71; Glenn Turvey 71 and Ian Brown 71.
Our game next week is Round 3 of the Championships and for those who just want a hit you will be playing a Stroke round with the rest of us. As is the norm, the final 3 groups will be seeded with the top players in each division. In Division 1 the seeds are Luke Elliott; Geoff Fountain; Phil Bell and John Tudor. For Division 2 they are Garry Miskell; John Naismith; Ross Crewdson and Bob Bensley and for Division 3 it will be Anthony Stone; Ross Ferrier; Keith Hanley and Barrie Frazer.
Please remember that the Sussex Inlet Tavern is sponsoring a Battle of the Codes charity day on Saturday October 28th. The event is a 2 person Ambrose with the best 10 scores from each code (Panther’s Rugby League Vs Seahawks Soccer) over 9 holes determining crowing rights. No handicaps are needed, you don’t have to play either sport and the cost is just $15 for adults and $5 for juniors (8-17). There will also be a sausage sizzle and lots of raffle prizes so come and join the fun to help raise funds for the Leukaemia Foundation.
Tickets are also on sale for our 100 Club to be held on November 18th.
Stephen Lloyd



I’m a bit over these massive scores in the Bottler Bash! I managed 24 points myself this week and still couldn’t grab a voucher with that effort. I’m considering taking 2 shots off the handicaps of winners to give the rest of us a better chance.
Anyhow, Ron Gann was the man to top the field this week with a wonderful 27 points. I played with Ron and Friday when he compiled this total, but his form didn’t hold for the weekend where he crashed in round 2 of the Championships. Still, a nice $12 voucher from Cranky Pete is a good consolation.
Wendy McKay and Gordon Spence has rounds of 26 to grab the next 2 Bottler Bash vouchers. Wendy often plays several times a week, but with this score as the first player in this week’s Bash, she must have been satisfied and rested on her laurels.
I know Gordon played in very windy conditions on Tuesday afternoon from memory, so his effort to accumulate 26 points was outstanding. He was another to wish his form had held out until Sunday. Funny game golf.
Despite losing a shot after his win last week, Nigel Watler was able to record an even better score this week to take home the next Bottler voucher with 25 points. Maybe I should implement the 2 lost shot rule for those who win 2 weeks in a row, especially when they knock me out of the running!
With Phil Harris, Steve Meredith and myself all tied on 24 points I assumed I would be able to juggle the countback in some sort of fashion to come out the winner. Unfortunately I was struck down with a pang of honesty and it was one of the Badgee Burglars who won the final voucher ahead of the 2 Steves.
My apologies to Ross Baker who picked up the final voucher with 24 points last week. For some reason I neglected to add his name to that report.
Stephen Lloyd

Gordon Spence was on fire to bag 26 points and win a voucher in the Bottler Bash this week.





Although looking dry in some places, the course overall is in very good
shape - the greens have recovered well after coring and the gardens are also
coping without rain to help them along.

Great job being done by the Greens staff, and all the volunteers - some of
whom have been seen carrying buckets of water to new plantings - engage
those core muscles Kaye and Irene!

The weather was also a positive, a cool breeze blowing to keep temperatures
under control - and a Stableford Event, what more could a golfer ask for?

Results for the day - Winner- Lavon Byrnes 36pts; Runner-up - Judy Bensley,

Nearest the Pins - (4th) M. Elder; (5th) R. Whittaker; (7th) J. Natt; (13th)
J. Hitchen; (14th) R. Whittaker; (16th) R. Whittaker.

Elva's Flag - C. Kemp; Isa's Hot Shot - C. Kemp.

Ball Run down - M. Elder, 33; J. Hitchen 32 c/b D. Baxter 32; K. Vincent
31; J. Natt 32; D. Sullivan 29 c/b.

Filthy's Ball - Wendy Larcombe.

Thanks to our Starters, Jan and Ann Finlay, and on Cards, Kaye and I.

The Happy Hacker.