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1. OUT OF BOUNDS. Those areas beyond the course boundary fences (including any
line of temporary fences) or behind any line of white stakes with black tops. Any
laneways in fences are out of bounds.

Out Of Bounds OR lost ball. 2 shot penalty may be taken instead of the stroke
& distance option. The ball must be played from the relevant relief area,
no nearer the hole. But the player may
not use this option to take relief for the original ball when the player
has played another ball provisionally under penalty of stroke and distance

player may use this option to take relief for a provisional ball that has not
been found or is out of bounds.

3. ALL STAKES on the course are immovable obstructions.

White stakes, White lines, Flagged areas, Cart Paths, Gardens/Mulch Mounds,
Ruts and Wheel marks made by a mower, tractor or motor vehicle. GUR must be in
the General Area of the course. ALL NEW WORK is GUR

5. BUNKERS & GREENS Free relief from an area damaged by
kangaroos (does not apply to stance)

6. SPRINKLER HEADS - In line of play. A player may take relief if their ball
lies within 2 club lengths of a sprinkler head that is within 2 club lengths of
the green. If your ball lies within 1 club length of a sprinkler head in the
General Area of the course you may take free relief no nearer the hole.

7. STAKED PLANTS relief must be taken in accordance with rule 24-2 D

8. DROP ZONES - defined by blue poles + yellow tee on 6th )

Hole 6 tees/15 blue
If you hit your ball into the red penalty area
of the 2 front dams (not the dam immediately in front of the blue 15th tee
and you do not exercise your option of hitting another ball, you MUST use the
drop zone which is the complete yellow 6th tee

Holes 6/15 OVER GREENif you hit your ball into the Red Penalty
Area you may take a penalty drop in the drop zone

Holes 8/17 GREEN if your ball lies in the General Area beyond
the Blue Pole you may take free drop at the drop zone.

9. DANGEROUS AREAS. Players must not enter ANY dams to recover any balls

10. FAIRWAYS are defined by closely mown areas. Free drop from bare
patches on the fairway only

11. SLOW PLAY If your group take a break at the 10th tee
please allow following group to play through, at their discretion.